Who are the team BlockcchainKZ ?

The BlockchainKZ team consists of developers, marketers, traders and business analysts working in the cryptocurrency market for 4 years.
We have created the author's course about the blockchain, cryptocurrency and financial literacy.
Over 500 people underwent full training, as well as 12 master classes were held, which were attended by over 1500 people.
We have organized 5 conferences on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.
We spoke as guest speakers at 17 conferences around the world.
Our community in Kazakhstan has about 5,000 people.

We launched an automated learning platform. In which our author's course is presented, allowing users to gain knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency. And also increase your level of financial literacy.«Academy BlockchainKZ» www.bkz.kz

Our team serves as blockchain technology consultants in legislative working groups and for the media.
In 2018, we launched «Association of Developers and Users of Blockchain Technology - BlockchainKZ». (www.blockchainkz.info)
At the moment we are participants of AIFC, (registered in 2018) and our office is located in AIFC in FinTech. BlockchainKZ Limited – www.blockchainkz.itd
As part of our work, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with the “Central Asian Association of Blockchain and the Digital Industry” and “Dragon Social Limited” (Chinese company specializing in marketing for blockchain projects). We also have partners in Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.
We advised 7 blockchain-projects at different stages from packaging to implementation in the real sector.
The assets of our team are:
Blockchain developers provide the following services:
- Mining cryptocurrency solutions
- Create smart contracts.
- Development of blockchain projects both on your own framework and on others (intellectual property, lotteries, certificates, logistics). The introduction of blockchain solutions in business projects and the public sector.
- Development of turnkey cryptocurrency masternody.
- Development of secure databases based on decentralized registries (IPFS).
- Technical audit of smart contracts (error detection and logic correction). Integrating smart contracts into existing services and applications.
- Creation of CRM-systems, WEB-projects of any complexity.
- Increase blockchain bandwidths from 45,000 TPS to the limit of the physical performance of the network and servers.
- We provide complete solutions "turnkey".
We work on PHP (Yii, Laravel, Symfony), Node Js (Express, Koa), C ++, Python, Solidity.
Marketers provide the following services:
- Analysis of ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Conclusions on the feasibility of investing in them, the prospects of projects.
- Analysis, organization and implementation of advertising campaigns.
- Promotion of products in Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Ukraine.
- Automation sales.
- Creation of unique advertising content (writing selling texts, creating advertising posters and videos).
- Creating a training material for users of the product.
- Creation and analysis of selling sites.
- We provide complete solutions "turnkey".
Coaches provide the following services:
- Learning the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
- Training IT specialists in advanced work with smart contracts, programming languages used in the development of blockchain solutions.
Our target audience is individuals who want to work with blockchain technologies.
If we talk briefly about our work, we can divide it into 3 stages:
1. Analysis
We are approached by people who want to launch a project using blockchains. All of them have a different level of knowledge in this segment. Therefore, the first thing we do is a complete analysis of their ideas or a ready-made business.
As a result, we get the following:
1. Understanding the level of knowledge of their team in the blockchain field.
2. Presence and correctness of the business logic of the project.
3. Strategy advertising campaign project.
4. As far as possible to implement the project using blockchain.
5. The level of knowledge of the team about marketing.
2. Project preparation:
We teach their team the basics of blockchain technologies.
We register the financial model of the project.
We prepare a marketing plan in accordance with the financial model of the project.
We train their sales department, as well as provide all the necessary tools (marketing kit, sales script, training materials for customers).
3. Integration
We develop the web-interface of the project (backend, frontend).
We create smart contracts.
We connect payment systems.
We introduce learning content for users.
We carry out a marketing campaign (online and offline).
If necessary, we carry out all this work "turnkey". But it happens that the customer only needs certain parts (for example, only to create smart contracts or to conduct an advertising campaign), which we also do.
In the coming years, we plan to develop the blockchain technology market. And also to provide comprehensive assistance to companies interested in starting a business in this direction.

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